Sharipov Uchkun Azamatovich

Head of the group of law enforcement agencies, military mobilization and emergency situations of the Navoi Region khokimiyat

Phone-fax: 229-62-22.


Date of birth: 1987, Navoi region, Navoi region.

Nationality: Uzbek.

Education: Higher, 2008 He graduated from the National University of Uzbekistan (day). He is a lawyer.

Married, has one child.




2004-2008 yy. - student of the National University of Uzbekistan

2008-2014 yy. - Karmana district lawyer

2014-2016 yy. - Chief Specialist of the regional law enforcement bodies, group of military mobilization and emergency situations

2016-2016 yy. - Senior Specialist of the Naval Forces Conservation and Emergency Situations

2016 y - present. - Head of the group of law enforcement bodies, military mobilization and emergency situations of the regional Khokimiyat



- The regional khokimiyat oversaw the work of the group of law enforcement agencies, military mobilization and emergency situations, oversees the work of division of responsibilities between members of the group and members of the group.

- coordinates, directs and analyzes the work of law enforcement and administrative authorities in the field of combating crime, ensuring the rule of law, and strengthening the rule of law. In this regard, it controls the implementation of the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the regional hokim.

- Provides organizational support for the law enforcement agencies, the commissions on military mobilization and emergency situations, prepares documents for their meetings, and oversees the implementation of the decisions taken by the commissions.

- Sends letters of recommendation to the relevant authorities on the analysis of the work carried out by state agencies, non-governmental public organizations on crime prevention and prevention in the region and elimination of mistakes and mistakes made in the course of the work being done in this area.

- organizes and conducts special working groups on cases of violation. Based on the results of the study, he provides information and information about the governor, as well as sends the collected documents to relevant law enforcement agencies.

Coordinates the following commissions activities:

- Council for the Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Military and Defense Agencies;

- Regional Commission on Drug Control;

- Special commission for issuance of residence permits to foreign citizens, citizens of the CIS countries and stateless persons, as well as their permanent registration;

- Regional Commission on Juvenile Affairs;

- Road traffic safety committee;

- coordinates the activities of the following departments and regional organizations:

- Public prosecutor's office;

- Customs Administration of the region;

- Department of Internal Affairs;

- Regional Justice Department;

- Department for Combating Legalization of Income from Tax and Currency Crimes under the Prosecutor's Office;

- Department of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Regional division of the Department of material and financial provision of judiciary decisions;

- Regional Criminal Court;

- Regional Court of Civil Procedure;

- The Economic Court.