Shamshiev Sirojiddin Uktamovich

Manager of Navoi Region Khokimiyat

Telephone-fax: 229-62-02.

Email address:

Date of birth: 1974, Kattakurgan city, Samarkand region.

Nationality: Uzbek.

Education: Higher, in 2000 graduated from Navoi State Mining Institute. Specialty: Mining business.

Married, has three children.


1992-1993 yy. - Navoi Region khokimiyat accountant at auto market

1993-1994 yy. - Accountant at the Department of Finance and Economics of the Navoi Regional Office

1994-1995 yy. - Chief Accountant of the Department of Finance and Economy of Navoi Region's Dome

1995-2011 yy. - Chief accountant in Navoi region khokimiyat

2011 – up today. - Navoi Region khokimiyats Chief of Operations


He oversees the Board of the Apparatus of the Regional Khokimiyat, determines directions and tasks for solving issues within its jurisdiction.

Personally responsible for the tasks assigned to the Department of Business Affairs and shall act on behalf of the regional administration on issues within its competence of enterprises and organizations. Leads the work of the Personnel Department and sets up the work and defines the measures for their improvement.

Produces commands on khokimiyat apparatus, manages office work and documents, manages applications and complaints and computerization, provides the necessary conditions for effective work of the staff.

Coordinates the activities of structural subdivisions of the provincial khokimiyat. Together with the groups and secretariats of the regional Khokimiyats organizes the preparation of decisions, decrees and orders of the regional Kengash of People's Deputies and other draft documents.

The Khokimiyat of the region is engaged in selection and resettlement of personnel on economic service. He creates orders on economic services, signs all contracts, manages financial and economic affairs.

In the apparatus of khokimiyats of cities and districts they study the state of affairs and provide recommendations for its improvement.